Our Outlook


OUR APPROACH: We have spent decades at the very fountain-head of yoga learning, the iyengar yoga institute in pune. We try our best to present it in its totality, what we have learned, experienced and observed.

We give you the maximum variety, taking you through all the classes of yoga asanas - namely standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twisting, inversions, dynamic poses, supine, seated etc. We teach how props are used to improve your alignment in the asanas , get insight and maximise benefits

We also teach pranayama periodically and give relaxation and meditation techniques

With regular practice in our classes, you would have worked on a variety of asanas in a variety of ways, covering the major muscle groups. That should keep you fit and injury proof to a large extent. You would get an understanding and the "asana, pranayama and dhyana" toolset to work on yourself