Our Outlook

Why Yoga?

VARIETY: Do you know that there are more than 600 muscles in your body? The shear variety of asanas (poses) means this is the only system where one aims to reach every muscle, every fiber, every organ in the body. As compared to any other sports, while they have their benefits, exercising results in working on a few repetitive movement patterns. In fact, this can result in stress related injuries, tennis in elbow and jogging on knees, bowling in shoulder are some obvious examples. Asanas can be used to stretch, to strengthen, to relax, to soften pretty much any part of your body. They can also be used for cardiovascular improvemet, better lung capacity among other things.

DEPTH: There is refinement and subtle work in every pose. While perfection may be elusive, the very effort results in a focused mind, integrated body.

THERAPEUTIC: Effects are already well known. Yoga can be tailored to benefit a person in any condition at any age. Physiotherapy, massage and other forms tend to be passive, but here the practitioner bring his own awareness to his practice, which provides the positive reinforcement to heal faster and better.

MIND-BODY-SPIRIT: Yoga is a complete system which goes beyond physical exercise. It can help still the mind, making a person calmer, balanced, focussed & effective. It is a spiritual process through which one can get rid of one's negative qualities, sublimate the ego and ultimately attain self-realisation.